November 1, 2023

October ‘23 Tournament Results

This past month, our middle and high school students competed at Georgetown, Cal State, Harvard International Council, October Potomac Intramural, USA Forensics Olympiad, University of Michigan, Tim Averill, and the in-person Bronx tournament in New York City!

That being said, we would like to recognize the following individuals for their achievements:

Georgetown Fall Tournament: 

  High School Varsity 

   ⭐Octafinalist: Zayd P. & Preston L.

   ⭐Double Octafinalist: Lucas K. & James C. and Cady W. & Natalie Z. 

  Speaker Awards 

   📣10th: Preston L. 

  Middle School Varsity 

   ⭐Semifinalist: Adelina E. & Neha N. 

   ⭐Octafinalist: Veer P. & Anthony L. 

  Speaker Awards

   📣7th: Veer P. 

   📣9th: Anthony L. 

NYC Invitational Debate & Speech Tournament (Bronx): 

  High School Varsity 

   ⭐Sextos: Carson D. & Dillon M. 

Cal State Fullerton:

  High School Varsity

   🏆 Finalist: Katherine X. & Grace L. (receiving a gold bid to the TOC!!)

   ⭐Quarterfinalist: Sanvi K. & Sahasra G. and Anna J. & Charles L.

   ⭐ Octafinalist: Alisha D. & Ethan M. 

   ⭐ Double Octafinalist: Cady W. & Natalie Z. and Edwin C. & Alex K. 

  Middle School Varsity

   🏆 Finalist: Veer P. & Anthony L. 

   ⭐ Octafinalist: Daven M. & Jonah K. 

  Speaker Awards

   📣3rd: Veer P. 

   📣7th: Anthony L. 

   📣10th: Jonah K. 

Harvard Debate Council International Tournaments:

  High School Varsity

   🏆 Champions: Katherine X. & Grace L.

   ⭐ Quarterfinalist: Rishik S. & Alex Y.

  Speaker Awards

   📣1st: Katherine X.

   📣2nd: Grace L.

   📣9th: Rishik S. 

  Middle School Varsity

    ⭐ Octafinalist: Grace L. & Leo F.  

October 2023 Potomac Intramural


   🏆 Co-Champions: Arshia R. & Preeti G. and Rohan K. & Anay K.

   ⭐ Finalist: Mahitha K. & Sky J. and Nima R. & Raj A.

  Speaker Awards

   📣1st: William Y.

   📣2nd: Sky J.

   📣3rd: Nima R.  

   📣4th: Arshia R.  


   🏆 Co-Champions: Peishi Y. & Aarush M. and Daven M. & Gregory S.

   ⭐ Finalist: Larry F. & Amy Y. and Diya C. & Veena Y.

  Speaker Awards

   📣1st: Gregory S. 

   📣2nd: Peishi Y.

   📣3rd: Diya C.  

   📣4th: James B.  


   🏆 Champions: Rishabh V. & Sujeev S.

   ⭐ Finalist: Avik D. & Pranav K.

  Speaker Awards

   📣1st: Sidharta D. 

   📣2nd: Shriya W. 

   📣3rd: Sujeev S.   

   📣4th: Sanaa V.   


   🏆 Co-Champions: Mishka C. & Umar B. and Saisahasra A. & Rishaan K.

  ⭐ Finalist: Daksh S. & Remy S. and Andy Z. & Justin L.

  Speaker Awards

   📣1st: Justin L.

   📣2nd: Andy Z. 

   📣3rd: Remy S.   

   📣4th: Umar B.   

Public Speaking

  🏆 1st: Seven L.

  ⭐ 2nd: Deetya G.

  ⭐ 3rd: Pratham S.

  ⭐ 4th: Kyle W.

USA Forensics Olympiad (Oct):


   🏆 Finalists: Emi M. & James L.

   ⭐ Semifinalist: Ryna C. & Neha N., Veda D. & Ava Y.

   ⭐ Quarterfinalist: Anna W. & Kristine Q., Darshan C. & Abhay H., and Pia P. & Sarvesh S.

  Speaker Awards

   📣2nd: Emi M..

   📣3rd: Sarvesh S. 

   📣8th: Darshan C. 

   📣9th: Neha N.

   📣10th: Kristine Q. 

University of Michigan:

High School Varsity: 

   ⭐ Quarterfinalist: Preston L. & Ishan P.

   ⭐ Double-Octofinalist: Aaron T. & Isabel T.

Speaker Awards

📣2nd: Preston L.

📣7th: Ishan P. 

High School Novice: 

   ⭐ Octofinalist: Grace L. & Samarth S.  

Speaker Awards

📣7th: Anthony L.

📣10th: Veer P.

Tim Averill:

 High School Varsity: 

   🏆 Champions: Katherine X. & Grace L. (receiving a gold bid to the TOC!!)

   ⭐ Octofinalist: Paul W. & Ethan M.

  Speaker Awards

   📣9th: Paul W.

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