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Debate has been the most vital activity I’ve participated in during my entire life. First and foremost, it has helped me find my voice, then channel it into crucial discussions on modern-day issues. The skills of speaking, research, and respectful discourse are those that I will undoubtedly carry with me in the decades to come.

Carina G.
University of Pennsylvania

Most importantly, debate gave me confidence as a speaker, which helped greatly not only in interviews but also in almost every facet of academics, from making a good impression on teachers who write recommendations to connecting with professionals, to presenting at science fairs and conferences.

Dhruv P.
Stanford University

I first joined Potomac Debate Academy expecting to improve my public speaking and argumentation skills. Not only was I able to do that, but I was also able to create lifelong friends and learn many meaningful lessons about how to be a good friend, partner, and teammate.

Austin M.
Northwestern Univearsity

Amazing experience both working as a coach and participating in this program, would recommend to everyone!

Vinay D.
Northwestern University

Potomac Oak is a great institution with top-notch coaches and a very welcoming environment! I was able opened up to so many different opportunities and resources and met a great community as well.

Emily W.

After 3 years on the team, I can surely say that Potomac Debate Academy boasts a great curriculum and even better staff to truly make any student a more confident and educated public speaker.

Eshaan M.
UC Berkeley

I had a great time debating with Potomac! The leadership makes everything run smoothly and is extremely organized. They helped me achieve my goals of being a competitive debater on the national circuit and strengthen my extracurriculars!

Carter T.
Georgia Tech

Potomac Debate has given me a second family and memories that I will cherish forever! I’ve learned so much from participating in debate and Potomac truly is the best out there.

Navin D.
Harvard University

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