A curriculum of confidence.

We offer online debate classes, as well as in-person debate classes at our location in Rockville, MD. Classes are available for novice debaters to experienced student competitors.

Our classes create an immersive, collaborative, and inspiring experience. Students increase their knowledge of current events, become more confident speakers, and learn to advocate for the issues they care about. Students gain a deep understanding of debate theory, the skills to put it into practice, and the confidence to compete.

Programs Overview

  • Class Length
    1.5 Hours
  • Class Frequency
    1x / Week
  • Class Length
    8 – 16 Weeks
  • Average Class Size
    11 Students / Class

Learn the skills. Reap the benefits.

  • Benefits of debate
    • Better communication and collaboration skills
    • Improved logical reasoning skills
    • Expanded knowledge of social and political issues
    • Higher standardized test scores and GPAs
    • Increased chance for college admissions
    See Debate Program
  • Benefits of public speaking
    • Stronger foundational communication skills
    • Learning to articulate ideas persuasively
    • Lifelong confidence in speaking to an audience
    • The ability to advocate for important issues
    • Improved writing and researching skills
    Public Speaking

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