Out of the classroom
and into competition.

Ask just about any Potomac Debate Academy student and they’ll tell you: debate is what they study, and the tournaments are why. Debate tournaments engage students at very high levels around the country. Thinking on your feet, applying all your skills, and bonding with your teammates—it’s intense and exciting. New students start with our monthly intramural tournaments and then progress to prestigious competitions hosted by Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, and more.

  • Gain Practice

    Students who attend tournaments gain immense and incomparable practice. One tournament with three debate rounds is the equivalent of three classes worth of mock debates!

  • Receive FEedback

    Tournaments have experienced judges who provide feedback on how to get better. By attending a tournament, you receive improvement recommendations from a wide array of different experts.

  • Win Awards

    Potomac Debate Academy tournament participants win hundreds of awards each year – a well-earned achievement for all their hard work and skill.

Latest Tournament Results

  • Champions
    2022 & 2023 annual Harvard University tournament

  • Finalists
    2023 MS Tournament of Champions

  • World Champions
    2023 IPPF World Championship hosted by NYU & Brewer Foundation

  • Middle School Varsity Champions
    2023 Groves Falcon

  • High School Varsity Champions
    2023 USA Forensics Olympiad (Nov)

  • High School Varsity Finalists
    2023 Cal State Fullerton

  • High School Varsity Champions
    2023 Harvard Debate Council International