December 11, 2022

Ridge & Fall Championship Results

Another weekend passed and ya’ll know what that means…another round of tournaments Potomac dominated at!! So, without further ado, here are our results from the Ridge Debates in New Jersey and our very own Potomac December Intramural!

Ridge Debates

Public Forum:
High School Varsity
Octo-Finalists: Victoria Diaz & Austin Moon

Speaker Awards:
Victoria D: 9th

Potomac December Intramural

Public Forum:

Middle School Open/High School Novice Teams:
1st : Willie S. & Victoria P.
2nd : Anika B. & Kaylynn Y.
3rd : Walter S. & Shreya S.
4th : Ella L. & Colby S.

1st : Shreya S.
2nd : Zara Doshi
3rd : Ella L.
4th : Yusuf G.
5th : Walter S.

Middle School Junior Varsity Teams:
1st : Nila L. & Mithra V.
2nd : Anthony L. & Avi S.
3rd : Aliya S. & Adelina E.
4th : Esha B. & Thaman V.

1st : Josh K.
2nd : Mithra V.
3rd : Aliya S.
4th : Esha B.
5th : Nila.

PF Middle School Novice Teams:
1st : Leah M. & Jessica G.
2nd : Ekansh D. & Neil S.
3rd : Sam S. & Ved S.
4th : Suvik A. & Ethan Q.

1st : Jessica G.
2nd : Leah M.
3rd : Sam S.
4th : Enoch Z.
5th : Nikhil N.

PF Elementary School Teams:
1st : Iris A. & Sanah R.
2nd : Aditya K.M. & Churchill K.
3rd : Anaya D. & Nandini B.
4th : Aiden L. & Ethan C.

1st : Iris A.
2nd : Ethan C.
3rd : Churchill K.
4th Aditya K.M.
5th : Jayden D.

1st : Michelle Liu
2nd : Aashna Uppalapati
3rd : Hamsika Thumu
4th : Hannah Wibowo

Top Speakers (By Division):
Michelle Liu
Aashna Uppalapati
Bella Barba

Public Speaking (Prepared Event):
1st : Lebene Williams
2nd : Arnav Rajadhyaksha
3rd : Arjun Satish

Public Speaking (Limited Prep):
1st : Ari Chi
2nd : Richard Fink
3rd : Larry Fink

Congrats to everyone – and good luck to our students competing next weekend!

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