February 7, 2023

February Intramural & Tufts-Harvard Results!

This past weekend marked our first intramural of 2023 and a STELLAR performance at the Tufts-Harvard tournament! Without further ado, here are our results from the online Tufts-Harvard and our very own February Intramural!

Tufts-Harvard Tournament
Middle School:
Quarterfinalists: Amber W. & Natalie Z., Claire G. & Shona K.
HS Open:
Quarterfinalists: Anna J. & Keerthi T.

Potomac February Intramural
Elementary School & Middle School Novice:
1st: Chloe P. & Iris A.
2nd: Harshiv S. & Aru-Ai K.
3rd: Aaraiz S. & Jiyu C.
4th: Umar B. & Jayden D.

Top Speakers:
1st: Aaraiz S.
2nd: Chloe P.
3rd: Jiyu C.
4th: Kavin L.
5th: Kavya S.

Middle School Junior Varsity:
Co-Champions: Christine L. & Maya B. and Sam S. and Leah M.
2nd: Aliya S. & & Adelina E.
4th: Ryna C. & Aniruddh D.

Top Speakers:
1st: Ryna C.
2nd: Adelina E.
3rd: Aliya S.
4th: Aniruddh D.
5th: Nikhil N.

PF Middle School Open & High School Open:
1st: Eric Z. & Kelly J.
2nd: Jonah K. & Anay K.
3rd: Charles L. & Jaylen D.
4th: Isaac L. & Stella F.

1st: David Z.
2nd: Jaylen D.
3rd: Charles L.
4th: Anay K.
5th: Rhea F.

Top Congress Debaters:
Novice: Tyler M.
JV: Rainger Y.
Varsity: Emma L.
Special shoutout to Emma for serving as our PRESIDING OFFICER!

Next up, UPenn, NADC Amethyst Cup & Stanford!

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