February 26, 2023

Potomac secures Harvard CHAMPIONSHIP and more!

WOW! This past weekend has been truly a debate extravaganza.

As in the wise words of Coach Noah, “Debaters, regardless of your competitive record, I hope you know how proud the coaches are of your efforts preparing for, and competing at this tournament. I promise you, if you ask any coach or any of the many teams who had competitive success this weekend, they will tell you that you learn far more from your losses than your wins. HOLD YOUR HEADS UP HIGH!”

That said, we would like to recognize the following individuals for their achievements:

49th Harvard National Forensics Tournament

High School Congressional Debate

Quarterfinalists: Armaan S. & Avi A. – EARNING A GOLD BID TO THE 2023 TOC!

  • Avi and Armaan are now fully qualified to the Tournament of Champions, the most competitive debate tournament in the country; they’re the first students in Potomac’s Congress program to bid and to be fully qualified! GO ARMAAN & AVI!

High School Varsity Public Forum
Semifinalists: Ruth D. & Aaron T. – EARNING A GOLD BID TO THE 2023 TOC!

  • Ruth and Aaron placed in the top 4 of 326 varsity debate teams. This is a massive achievement at one of the hardest tournaments in the country! GO RUTH & AARON!

Triple Octofinalists (Top 64): Benjamin T. & Luke W. and Preston L. & Zayd P.

We also want to recognize Brooke C. & Carol L and Digonto C. & Dhira V. for having a 4-2 record!

Speaker Awards: 5th: Ruth D.

  • Ruth ranked as the 5th best speaker out of more than 620 students competing in Harvard’s varsity tournament! GOOOO RUTTHHHHH.

High School JV Public Forum
Triple Octofinalists (Top 64): Ella L. & Thomas W.

Middle School Public Forum
Co-Champions: Diya B. & Ayan M. + Roselyn B. & Tiffany T.

  • The teams above CLOSED OUT HARVARD’S MS DIVISION!!!! Meaning, they took home 1st and 2nd place respectively out of 119 teams from across the country!

Quarterfinalists (Top 8): Daniela A. & Mira K.
Octafinalists (Top 16): Anika B. & Kaylynn Y. and Amber W. &a Natalie Z.
Double Octafinalists (Top 32): Aahana G. & Cady W. and Maanit K. & Ava Y.
Triple Octafinalists (Top 64): Rishik S. & Alex Y. and Veer P. & Samarth S. and Veda D. & Anthony L. and Nathaniel D. & Josh K.

Speaker Awards:
 7th: Roselyn B.
 10th: Tiffany T.
 13th: Anika B.
 15th: Amber W.
 18th: Nathaniel D.

The 2023 Milo Cup at Millard North
High School Varsity Public Forum
Semifinalists: Angela G. & Abigail H. – EARNING A GOLD BID TO THE 2023 TOC!
Octofinalists: Grace L. & Katherine X.

Speaker Awards:
 2nd: Katherine X.
 5th: Abigail H.
 9th: Grace L.
 18th: Angela G.

Finally, MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS to our super team of Kaden C., Jonathan F., Alex L., Derek M., Lily P., and Evelyn S. for advancing to the SWEET 16 ROUND!

This means they are now officially within the Top 16 of teams and will continue onward in the 2022-2023 The International Public Policy Forum. Press release is available here: https://www.ippfdebate.com/announcing-the-2022-23-sweet-16

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