March 20, 2023

March Tournament Recap

Recently, our students competed at the TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series #2, TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series #3, and the March Potomac Debate Academy Intramural Tournament, highlighting even more growth, fun, and success! See the results below!

A special congratulations to Angela G. & Abigail H. as well as Ruth D. and Aaron T. for qualifying for the National Speech and Debate Association annual National Tournament. They will represent the Chesapeake region at the national competition this June!

TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series #2
Public Forum—High School Varsity Division:
Finalists: Abigail H. & Angela G. (Gold Bid)
Double Octo-finalists: James C. & Emi M. and Digonto C. & Dhira V.
Triple Octo-finalists: Cooper L. & Christopher T.
Public Forum—Middle School Division:
Co-champions: Jessica G. & Leah M. and Daniela A. & Mira K.
Partial Quarterfinals: Kathryn L. & Mabelle L. and Arav B. & Jaylen D.

TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series #3
Public Forum—High School Varsity Division:
Double octo-finals: Zack L. & Ryan X.
Public Forum—Middle School Division:
Quarterfinals: Aahana G. & Cady W.
Speaker Awards:
7th: Cady W.

March Intramural:
Congress – Elementary, Middle, and High School Open: 
Novice, 1st: Miles G.
Junior Varsity, 1st: Rainger Y.
Varsity, 1st: Emma L.

Public Forum—Elementary School Novice:
Co-champions: Thomas Y. & Anoop G., Remy S. & Daksh S., Belinda Z. & Shreya R., and Maimoona N. & Jerry J.

Speaker Awards:
1st: Thomas Y.
2nd: Remy S.
3rd: Daksh S.

Public Forum—Elementary School Open:
Co-champions: Kavya S. & Kalvin L., Iris A. & Sanah R., Churchill K. & Vidhu R., and Ayman I. & Adithya V.

Speaker Awards:
1st: Iris A.
2nd: Sanah R.
3rd: Kavya S.

Public Forum—Middle School Novice:
Co-champions: Ronav G. & Rishi M., Stephanie L. & Anna N., Harshiv S. & Aru-Ai K., and Siddharth S. & Saanvi S.

Speaker Awards:
1st: Sneha S.
2nd: Ronav G.
3rd: Nellie F.

Public Forum—Middle School JV:
Champions: Akshan R. & Aarush M.
Finalists: Aaryan S. & Isha G., Nikhil N. & Raina D., and Rishaan G. & Rena G.
Speaker Awards:
1st: Akshan R.
2nd: Mithra V.
3rd: Nina N.

Public Forum—Middle School Open:
Co-champions: Nathaniel D. & Ava Y., Andrew L. & Michelle P., Zaliah K. & Ellie W., and Veer P. & Anthony L.

Speaker Awards:
1st: Anthony L.
2nd: Nathaniel D.
3rd: Veer P.

Public Forum—High School:
Co-champions: Aarav B. & Amiti G., Ana G. & Saket S., Barkha B. & Josie K., and Daniel G. & Arya R.

Speaker Awards:
1st: Ana G.
2nd: Barkha B.
3rd: Yulania W.

Public Speaking – Elementary School:
1st: Varun R.
2nd: Riana B.
3rd: Aria C.

Public Speaking – Level 2:
1st: Dhruv J.
2nd: Shreyas M.
3rd: Jay T.

Public Speaking – Level ¾:
1st: Ronan P.
2nd: Shreya D.
3rd: Akhil P.

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