June 27, 2023

A Spectacular End Of Season: Championship Results

As we close out the 2022-2023 competitive season, we want to thank all our students, parents, coaches, judges, and supporters! We cannot be prouder of all our students’ successes and growth. So, without further ado, here are our impressive championship results, including the High School Tournament of Champions, Middle School Tournament of Champions, Digital Speech and Debate E-Championships, National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Nationals, North American Debate Circuit (NADC) Grand Championship, highlighting even more growth, fun, and success! See the results below!

High School Tournament of Champions
Public Forum (Silver):
Quarterfinalists: Ishan P. & Noor M.

Speaker Awards:
10th Speaker: Ishan P.
14th Speaker: Noor M.
21st Speaker: Zack L.

Semifinalists: Armaan S.

Middle School Tournament of Champions:
Public Forum:
Finalists: Rosalyn B. & Tiffany T.
Elim. 3 (Semifinalists): Nathaniel D. & Ayan M.
Elim. 2 (Quarterfinalists): Daniela A. & Mira K.
Elim. 1 (Octofinalists): Claire G. & Shona K. and Anthony L. & Avi S.

Speaker Awards:
1st Speaker: Ayan M.
2nd Speaker: Nathaniel D.
9th Speaker: Roselyn B.
10th Speaker: Tiffany T.

Congressional Debate:
2nd Place: Rainger Y.

Digital Speech and Debate E-Championships:
Middle School Public Forum Results:
Octofinalists: Anthony L. & Avi S., Veer P. & Andrew L., and Amber W. & Natalie Z.

Middle School Public Forum Speaker Awards:
11th Speaker: Natalie Z.

2023 IPPF World Championship:

Jonathan F., Lily P. Alexander L., Derek M., Kaden C., and Evelyn S.

NSDA Nationals:
Round 10 (Top 35 Teams): Abigail H. &Angela G.

NADC Grand Championships:
Champions: Nathaniel D. & Pearl Y.
Semifinalists: Noelle K. & Andrew L.

Congratulations to all of our teams!

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