October 10, 2023

September ‘23 Tournament Results

This past month, our middle and high school students competed at the online Mid America Cup, Marist Ivy Street Invitational, and Yale Invitational, as well as in-person at UK Season Opener in Kentucky and Georgetown Day School in DC!

Without further ado, here are the results:

UK Season Opener 

High School Varsity (In-Person)

⭐Double Octafinalists: Preston L. & Zayd P., Sherry L. & Leon W. 

High School Varsity (Online)

⭐Double Octafinalists: Alisha D. & Ethan M.

⭐Triple Octafinalists: Zander D. & Kamran S., Christopher T. & Zach L. 

Middle School Varsity (Online)

⭐Champions: Veer P. & Anthony L. 

Speaker Awards

📣3rd: Veer Parmar

📣7th: Rainger Yu

Mid America Cup

High School Varsity

⭐Double Octafinalists: Noor M. & Ishan P., Ethan M. & Alisha D. 

Georgetown Day School

High School Varsity

⭐Finals: Aaron Z. & Colin Z. 

⭐Quarterfinals: Nikhil P. & Sarina V., Eshaan S. & Jeff H., Ishan P. & Noor M.

Speaker Awards (out of 52):

📣5th: Aaron Zacharia

📣6th: Noor Mahmoud

📣7th: Ishan Puri

📣8th: Colin Zhang

📣10th: Sarina Virmani

Marist Ivy Street

High School Varsity

⭐Semifinals: Lucas K. & Zayn B. 

Speaker Awards

📣4th: Zayn Bandukwalla

Middle School Varsity

⭐Co-Champions: Veer. P & Anthony L., Ryna C. & Neha. N., Daven M. & Arshia R. 

⭐Quarterfinals: Natalie Q. & Julianna S., Rainger Y. & Veda D., Rebecca L. & Kaylynn Y.

Yale University

High School Varsity

⭐Double Octafinalists: Dillon M. & Carson D. (securing a SILVER BID to the TOC!) 

⭐Triple Octafinalists: Aaron T. & Isabel T. 

⭐Quadruple Octafinalists: Katherine X. & Grace L., Harrison W. & Paul W., Cooper L. & Christopher T.

Speaker Awards:

📣2nd: Dillon Ma (out of 578 competitors) 

📣6th: Carson Donnelly

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