December 31, 2023

Thank You For A Great Semester

Dear Parents & Students,

As we approach the end of 2023, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we have embarked upon together at Potomac Debate Academy. It brings me immense joy and pride to share with you the highlights of our accomplishments and the growth we have witnessed among our talented students.

Throughout the semester, we served nearly one thousand families in learning debate and/or public speaking education. Students attended tournaments all over the country, winning countless team awards, speaker awards, and receiving bids to the Tournament of Champions. Finally, and most importantly, our students grew as learners, advocates, and individuals, becoming better speakers and thinkers.

I am particularly proud of the supportive and inclusive community that has grown within our academy. This semester, our Team Captains unveiled a number of new projects to build feelings of camaraderie and teamwork, including mock debates, workshops, office hours, intramural observing, and more. Over 200 students took advantage of these resources! The PDA administrative team has also been hard at work, always looking to improve your experience with us. We were excited to share our new and improved learning level system, student/parent portals, and streamlined coach communication system. Plus, we offered our December Intramural entirely free. I am so thrilled at what we were able to accomplish this year!

As we look ahead to the next semester, I am excited about the possibilities that await us. We have been working diligently with our curriculum development and topic prep team to prepare for the upcoming semester, and I am confident that the next semester will bring even more achievements and memorable moments. I encourage all our students to enroll for the Winter/Spring 2024 semester, where we will continue to foster an environment that values learning, growth, and collaboration. 

Thank you for being a part of the Potomac Debate Academy family. The success we have achieved this semester is a testament to the dedication of our students and the unwavering support of our community. Together, let’s continue to empower the next generation of leaders.

Wishing you a restful and joyous holiday season.


Katie Humphries
Director, Potomac Debate Academy

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