January 9, 2024

December ‘23 Tournament Results

As the year comes to a close, we had attended 3 in-person tournaments at Ridge, George Mason University, and Princeton University. We also competed in 2 online tournaments at TOC Digital Series and UCLA. Last but not least, we hosted our very own Fall Championships Intramural with over 200 students in attendance! Without further ado, here are our impressive results:

December Potomac Intramural:

Impromptu Speaking

📣1st: Sneha P.

📣2nd: Hannah L.

Public Speaking

Junior Varsity:

📣1st: Jiah N.

📣2nd: David K. 


📣1st: Olivia H.

📣2nd: Shreya B.

Public Forum

Elementary School Novice:

  🏆Champion: Aalia K. & Ritishka K.

  ⭐ Finalist: Melissa S. & Jenna Y. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Ritishka K. 

📣2nd: Aalia K.

📣3rd: Naiya D.

Elementary School Open:

  🏆Champion: Jayden L. & Shreya R. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Ariyan P. & Lara V. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Lara V. 

📣2nd: Sian L. 

📣3rd: Mishka C.

Middle School Novice:

  🏆Champion: Avik D. & Pranav K. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Chloe D. & Julia G. 

  ⭐ Semifinalist: Sujeev K. & Rishabh V., Diya G. & Srinish P. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Sujeev K. 

📣2nd: Chloe D. 

📣3rd: VIhaan M. 

📣4th: Steven H.

📣5th: Srinish P. 

Middle School JV:

  🏆Champion: Cameron L. & Andrew N. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Lakshya P. & Ayaan K. 

  ⭐ Semifinalist: Rishaan G. & Sophia L., Arnav S. & Aru-Ai K. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Sriya I.

📣2nd: Gregory S.

📣3rd: Elaine Z. 

📣4th: Avika S.

📣5th: Jiyan B.

Middle School Intermediate:

  🏆Champion: Erin L. & Christian L.  

  ⭐ Finalist: Ava N. & Hetvik K. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Suhani V. 

📣2nd: Ava N. 

📣3rd: Saisahasra A., Rishaan K. 

Middle School Open: 

  🏆Champion: Abhay H. & Anthony L. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Kaylynn Y. & Rebecca L. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Lavinia U. 

📣2nd: Abhay H. 

📣3rd: Anthony L. 

High School Novice

  🏆Champion: Harshiv S. & Laura C. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Aanshi P. & Yiren J. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Laura C. 

📣2nd: Aanshi P. 

📣3rd: Ananya N. 

High School JV

  🏆Champion: Anirudh P. & Sanskriti N.

  ⭐ Finalist: Jessica G. & Wyatt N. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Jessica G. 

📣2nd: Wyatt N.

📣3rd: Anirudh P. 

High School Open 

  🏆Champion: Rohan R. & Raj A. 

  ⭐ Finalist: Mengtong X. & Joyce L. 

Speaker Awards

📣1st: Raj A.

📣2nd: Kelly J. 

📣3rd: Nehal T.

Ridge Debates:

High School Varsity:

   ⭐ Quarterfinalists: Ishan P. & Noor M., Aaron T. & Isabel T. (receiving TWO GOLD bids to TOC!)

   ⭐ Octafinalists: Christopher T. & Cynthea W. (receiving a SILVER bid to TOC!)

Speaker Awards

📣6th: Aaron T.

📣8th: Ishan P.

Princeton University:

High School Varsity: 

   ⭐ Double Octafinalists: Sherry L. & Leon W., Roselyn B. & Tiffany T., and Carson D. & Dillon M. (receiving THREE SILVER bids to TOC!)

George Mason University:

High School Varsity:

  ⭐ Quarterfinalists: Benjamin T. & Luke W., Zack L. & Hali D. (receiving TWO GOLD bids to TOC!)

  ⭐ Octafinalists: Ishan P. & Aaron T. (receiving a SILVER bid to TOC!)

  ⭐ Double Octafinalists: Cleo C. & Sahasra G., Alisha D. & Ethan M., Paul W. & Harrison W. 

  ⭐ Triple Octafinalist: Richard F & Sarina V. 

TOC Digital Speech & Debate #3:

Middle School Varsity::

  ⭐ Octafinalist: Aahana G. & Cady W.

Speaker Awards (Middle School)

📣7th: Cady W.


High School Novice:

  🏆Champion: Kaylynn Y. & Ava Y.

  ⭐ Quarterfinalist: Samarth S. & Kathy F.

  ⭐ Octafinalist: Karthik U. & Anish K.

Speaker Awards

📣2nd: Ava Y. 

📣7th: Pia P.

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