February 8, 2024

Potomac Students Earn SIX Bids In January!

The bids are raining down!!! Congratulations to the following Potomac Debate team members for their stellar success this January!


High School Varsity:

   ⭐ Octafinalists: Sherry L. & Leon W. and Ryan X. & Elizabeth C., earning TWO GOLD BIDS to TOC!

   ⭐ Double Octafinalist: Roselyn B. & Tiffany T., earning a SILVER BID to TOC!

Speaker Awards

📣8th: Ryan X. 

Patriot Games: 

High School TOC:
  ⭐Semifinalists: Ethan M. & Paul W., earning a SILVER BID to TOC!


High School Varsity:

  🏆Champion: Ishan P. & Aaron T., earning a GOLD BID to TOC!


High School Varsity:

   ⭐Quarterfinalist: Preston L. & Zayd P., earning a GOLD BID to TOC! 

   ⭐Double Octafinalist: Ryan X. & Elizabeth C., Paul W. & Harrison W., Ellen L. & Ekansh D., Roselyn B. & Tiffany T.

Speaker Awards

📣2nd: Ryan X.

📣9th: Zayd P.

📣17th: Ellen L.

📣19th: Elizabeth C.

📣20th: Preston L.

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